Mar. 23rd, 2011

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So this is my first entry on the iPad.

Still trying to get used to the keyboard, but massively better than trying to post on my phone, and I recognize if I had time I could unpair the real keyboard from the mini and use it with this, but hey, at least I am talking to the Internet again.

This snow bullshit is bullshit. At least it isn't sticking, but damn.

Also, apologies for the stylistic shift, I don't want to go disable autocapitalize right now.

I really need to sit down and write several emails. I have a rit I'm running in two weeks, and then

(Oh crap. Okay, pretend I took the time to find the ASCII for the o-e thing)


Which is April 24 this year.

I had a really good time at wicked, I had a really good time at pax (we leveled up, and I had a conversation with Michel gagne, who drew insanely twisted rabbits and is the art direction for insanely twisted shadow planet, which you should check out), I was very proud of myself for the cakes and wine receiving line/ ascent into spring at balefire Ostara on sat, and I beat zombotany 2 last night.

I've been having a lot of trouble with food again. I don't want to cook it, I don't want to eat it, I don't want to buy it, or ingredients for it, I don't want to make decisions, and it shard to type with 17 pounds of cat on my right wrist. Yes, I love you too, mister, but you are very inconvenient.

Yeah, no idea what to do for lunch. And now I want to cry.

Oh, and I got reiki 2 on sat. Definitely a stronger flow.

Hearth retreat this weekend, hope to see my Sarah next weekend, rit after that, keeper retreat, OEastovernox, Beltane, and then, um. A nap?

Okay, I gotta stare into the abyss that is known as the fridge and wrestle naked with future hunger


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