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so here are some of his names, according to the puja book i have, Ganesa Puja by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. p.s. don't buy it from amazon. there's only one used copy and the dude is asking for $80

i know i mispronounce a whole bunch of them, and that i should correct that, but i also know that that is going to take a shit-ton of effort, because i have no ear for accent. like, at all. if you've ever spent 40 minutes trying to get me to say something in german (i was eventually passable in french, and by passable i mean my teachers stopped flinching), then you will understand, and possibly vouch for my defect.

so i basically assume that every s with a diacritical mark sounds like "sh" and every c is a "ch" and i know some w's are "v", but i kinda gloss over that.

recently, i've been seeing little pictures in conjunction with names (and some pairs of names) so i thought i'd share those too.

damn it. okay, i'm not going to be able to write these properly at all. i'm going to use &scaron for all the s's with a diacritical, both the accent up and the dot underneath, and you'll just have to pretend it works. and pretend an ã isn't a tilde, it's a straight line. same thing for an ï . and all of these are one word with two exceptions, and those aren't until wayyyy later. well, three words, they all start om and end namah

and the m in om has a dot under it. i've been told that om has three parts, the ah, the u, and the m. m should make your teeth vibrate a little. ah starts in the top and back. u is in the middle of your mouth, which is like a sphere. don't trust that, though.

1. om vinã yakã ya namah -- om we bow to he who is the remover of obstacles
i see the game of life, and you have your little car, and there is a tiny stone wall in the way, and he reaches down and picks it up so you can keep going. i didn't say that these images were for everyone, man. i mean, if you haven't caught on by now, i'm kind of a weirdo.

2. om vighnarã jã ya namah -- om we bow to he who is the king of difficulties
i see him standing with a scepter and a crown, and there are these tiny little twisted goblin-like things clustered around his feet. jumping up and down and squeaking and so on. and raja sounds like you expect "king" in sanskrit to sound.

3. om gaurï putrã ya namah -- om we bow to he who is the son of she who is rays of light
he's hugging his mom and her face, as she looks down on him and smiles, is like the sun, and he is turning his face up to her and just basking in her love.

4. om gane&scaron varã ya namah -- om we bow to he who is the lord of wisdom, lord of the multitudes
okay, so he is sitting down the way my favorite murti does, which is not in lotus but with the soles of his feet touching. and there are all these little slightly glowing dudes in nice looking robes sitting in lotus, kinda hovering around him. mostly at belly level or lower.

5. om skandã grajã ya namah -- om we bow to he who came before kartikeya (his brother, also known as skanda)
&scaron iva, his dad, measures the two of them up against the doorframe and gane&scaron a is taller. and i think about the story of how they had a race around the world and gane&scaron a just walked in a little circle around &scaron iva and parvati and said "you are the world to me." (yes i know it can also be told where he is a masterful scholar and correctly argues that if the vedas are correct, then &scaron iva and parvati are the entirety of the universe, but gane&scaron a's devotion and love for his parents is a very important aspect for me.)

6. om avyay&atilda ya namah -- om we bow to he who is the unchangeable one
uh, basically i just look at the murti and think about wind and rain and fire and flood not doing anything to it at all.

7. om pü trã ya namah -- om we bow to he who is the son
&scaron iva and parvati are standing there like in a family portrait, and gane&scaron a is in front.

8. om dak&scaron ã ya namah -- om we bow to he who has ability
i imagine him with like a billion arms, each holding a tool or a weapon or something, and he's real good at using each one. there was a belt sander this morning.

9. om adhyak&scaron ã ya -- om we bow to he who resides in the now
not an image of him, really, but i think about kissing and the appropriate passage from stranger in a strange land, and i think about the dao, and i think about zen, and i think about the way i hug, and really good sex, and i feel like he does the same thing.

so that's the first nine.


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