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so. to start:

quiz )

but more importantly: One FBI internal newsletter encouraged FBI agents to conduct more interviews with antiwar activists "for plenty of reasons, chief of which it will enhance the paranoia endemic in such circles and will further service to get the point across that there is an FBI agent behind every mailbox." read the article. free speech zones, etc.

Rules bar telling which stores, restaurants had tainted meat ripped liberally from [ profile] jwz

hmm. sfgate seems to carry stories i need to read.

oh, and you know the thing about almanacs? i got one for christmas, like usual, and the next moring we read about it in the paper. apparently i'm a terrorist. then again, i have stated in public that i don't like Bush i hate the current administation. Bush is focal, but it's the whole deal. i just don't appreciate perversion of democracy and freedom, the erosion of my rights, and badly justified, although sorta supportable war. i think it's kinda okay to be the world's police, i just wish we weren't hideously corrupt about it. and that we didn't expect to be hated. people usually seem to dislike the police. especially when the police are killing without reason, extracting protection monies, selling weapons to criminals, and otherwise following in america's footsteps.

sorry, i try not to talk about politics, because i know i'm paranoid, i know i don't have a clear, reasoned argument, i'm just angry, tired, and disgusted. and apparently, canada is turning into america. c'mon guys, i don't want to have to learn spanish to dodge the draft. and to avoid evil. and grumble.

alright, now i'm gonna read boingboing, and add some more things i want to keep track of, or feel you should be aware of.

shot by shot, way too detailed, study of the films and expanded universe. uh, star wars universe.

How I Made A Hacker Out of A Slacker

VoIP stuff. Liam, really look at Vonage.
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read [ profile] mistersleepless today. and his new Brain Powered.
this rant about mutation you will probably enjoy more if you have any exposure to the X-Men. the first movie is enough background, if you're not a reader.

holographic lollipops

some one tried to modify the Linux kernel so they could be root on any machine incorporating the modified code

and i got that last one from a new group blog about the abuse of tech, and security issues. it's kinda neat so far. and apparently, according to BoingBoing and others, wifi is broken in europe.

and we stopped light, without losing the photons
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because he asked, here is a link to Flem! comics. it's pretty good most of the time, and occasionally makes me laugh until i cough up blood.

relax, i don't cough up blood.
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hey. nowheregirl read it.
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Mr Picassohead. is very nicely done.

and some guy is making a cgi version of mr Toad's wild ride, my favorite Disneyland ride.

this one is a site that allows you to make your own mideval tapestry, using elements from the bayeaux.

um. monkey.

and the cia killed john lennon

warren ellis is good. and he is smart. and he tells us things.

and these are quality anti-inspirational posters
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okay, findgift is the best thing ever.
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um. you should look at these paintings. Brandon Bird
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um. life-size lego han solo frozen in carbonite. yeah. other cool stuff too, but liam needs to see this. oh, he also needs to know about from bricks to bothans.

that's about all for now.

it's like, 27 degrees outside.
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so. i am writing this at mgg's computer, watching Revenge of the Nerds on Comedy Central, while i eat Quaker Instant Oatmeal and drink Mountain Dew. as soon as, hell, now, i am logging into AdventureQuest. soon, my head will explode. the everpopular "sex with a nerd is good sex" scene just came on. man i love that scene. we need to broadcast the scene on the walls of middle and high schools throughout the nation. ahh, now it's the music thingy at the end. now i wanna watch some devo videos.
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at work. pretty bored. gonna go find a copy of the principia discordia. that or look for conspiracy theories. i also found the origin of the badgers.

webzen is cool. it's where the eeevil hotdog menagerie came from.

sometimes, i want to show people things. but chances are, many of you already have seen said things. i refuse to care. a portion of this work is so i can find these things again.

oh, and hampsterdance sold out.

la la la. okay, posting this.
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UrbanDictionary slang dictionary. neat.

and Berke Breathed is going to bring back Opus, as a sunday strip.

G4 Cube aquarium

an article about gamer-speak, which alerted me to the existence of Verbatim: The Language Quarterly

oh, and these are insanely cool sidewalk paintings
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article on the folklore of homeless kids in miami. do me a favor: tell me what you remember about bloody mary. i remember that if you chant her name, 3 times, (3 times 3 times?) while looking into a mirror in a dark room, a spot of blood will appear on the mirror and then bloody mary will come through the mirror and kill you. or, at least once i heard she appears in the mirror behind you. anyway, death. there was some sort of connection to jack the ripper. maybe some sort of thing about typhoid mary too. i think i heard once that bloody mary was typhoid mary. i'm pretty sure i never heard that bloody mary was the virgin mary, but i seem to remember stuff about them being sisters, or evil twins, or just spiritually opposites. really fascinating stuff. gonna go look for more info.
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woot! they finished working on the server. now i can remove the other extra entries. also, i found the best thing in the world: all recent photos from SOHO also, i found a shiny directory of daily mpegs from soho that dates back to jan 10, 1996. check out the mpegs from eit 195. it takes more pictures, and it seems to have the best resolution.

okay. most of the staic is gone on the new images. i am sad.

we were not all baked in our beds.
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The third largest solar flare ever recorded um, happened, on tuesday. and it is perfectly aimed for earth. It should hit "probably at or before 12 noon UTC". so 7am eastern standard. Nasa has more images including a very cool animation which i believe is in ultraviolet.

oh, and these are links from my sunspot post on... uh... friday?
4 hour ultraviolet sun
10 minute aurora
48 hour animation (magnetic activity in the corona)

i have one thing to say: sometimes static makes me laugh.
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okay, so we have two massive sunspots going on. the coronal ejaction from the first one hit about midday, but sunspot 486 will give some lucky people auroras tonight. I also found an ultraviolet image of the sun, updated every 4 hours, and satellite image of auroral activity updated every 10 minutes.

and this one is the last 48 hours of activity. it's animated.

ever since i found out the northern lights existed, i have desperately desired to gaze upon them. and if i could arrange a massive blackout of the east coast tonight, and i had a northern exposure off of my balcony, well, um, that'd rock.

okay. done for now.
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also, this is an entertainingish fwd about star trek and pagans.

i am hungry. it is 1:42. i will not get to eat until 6ish.

maybe i should kill and eat a user.

oh, and i have a horrible cough which has been around for about 3 weeks, for which i am taking amoxicillin. because both ears and my sinuses are also infected. and i forgot to go to my followup appt on thursday. i should call willets later. except for the fact that they will all be gone before i leave work. maybe i should make a 2 minute call. it is oncampus. yeah.
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two things:

the actor playing jesus in mel gibson's passion of christ movie got hit by lightning. again.

y'know, i would have quit after the first lightning bolt.

also, an icelandic fishing captain saved his men from a 660-lb shark bare handed. well, okay, he had a knife.

both stories referred by [ profile] flemco

i'm at work. doing worky things. need to report a zip drive down. and need to poke at my website. add some comics, rearrange others. oh.

if life gives you lemons, build a throne of human skulls.


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