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okay, i'm sorry. the duck was actually dutch.
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wow. um, click this

so, uh, i helped this nice jamaican man book a flight to montego bay. yup.

and this is the first time i've ever opened dcent.

and i had coffee this morning for the first time in a while.

and for god's sake man, German Homosexual Necrophiliac Ducks! why do these things happen? how do i get them out of my head? and who writes papers about them?

C.W. Moeliker, that's who.

hey, it's that guy with the great dreads. he's got good dreads.

i'm growing a beard.

i'm gonna spend time with rich today (mom's ex-boyfriend)

i think i'm gonna try to find a picture of me, then screw around with photoshop, to get an idea of what the beard will look like.

the caffeine just hit my system. vrooooom!

okay, try not to freak out the users.

coughed up something this morning. think i'm coming down with something.
my skin feels tight and hot, swollen and red, bloated with blood, as if a fingernail dragged down my cheek would split the skin like a zipper on a black vinyl bodice.

wait, now i feel cold and frail.

i wanna know everything
i wanna be everywhere
i wanna fuck everyone in the world
i wanna do something that matters

i can reduce you if i want
i can devour
i'm hard as fucking steel
i have the power.

gotta love trent.

go listen to a warm place. please.

so the kitten we were going to take from my sister is pregnant. which is um, upsetting.

i need to do a hell of a lot of reading.

and tonight i'm gonna take a candle to the place with the thing and the guy. assuming it stops raining.

mgg is in montreal.

okay, done now.


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