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i'm rereading my lj. tagging things, too.

but i found some good words:

"in short, it is october. the world is dying, and my winter approaches."

"if life gives you lemons, build a throne of human skulls."

"it's not laryngitis, i'm a zombie zionist."

oh, and because i want to bulk up my "christopher walken" tag: a brandon bird painting of christopher walken in his garage on a lazy sunday afternoon. and if you haven't seen brandon bird's stuff recently, i suggest you poke around the site a bit. i like the code, which is detective lenny briscoe as samurai.

"i want a button that says:

I perform certain duties for the good of the community"

"oh, and aren't you proud of my my pun? i made it myself. from photons."

"'I wish the stove would IM me when my stuff was ready.'

-- Mgg, 2004.01.03"

okay, stopping that. gonna write about aradia.
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at work. astonishingly bored. forgot to put on deodorant. la la la. have i brought up the christopher walken commentary track thing before? whatever. what movie would you most like to have Christopher Walken do the commentary track for? Doesn't have to be a movie that he was in. i'm currently thinking about the Princess Bride. i think it would be interesting.

yeah. i want more hot cider. dicken's cider. i remember that... it was pretty funny.


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