Feb. 1st, 2011

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see, as it stands, i don't have a really good way to do this, to sit down and type my thoughts out a little

and i feel like journaling is good. not entirely sure why, or how, but pretty sure it's good.

i was going to talk about the actual physical setup by which i am typing, but it's a waste of time.

ice is coming, that's what they say, and they seem to be pretty reliable thems.

work was interesting and difficult today.

they tend to go together.

here comes my large grey cat. now is not a good time, mister. oh, i do love you too, but i'm talking with my hands right now, it's imporetant oh ok

hunt and peck, now

that is what this large beast has reduced me to.

geosychronous weather satellite images, and even better:
www.ssd.noaa.gov/imagery/eaus.html click on the image loops. i enjoy rainbow in my ir4 map. dunno that it's the most informative color scheme, but it is pretty.

funktop appears to be more information, though. highlights intense areas of precipitation.

i like that my cat has become loving again. he was a very affectionate kitten

inconveniently heavy, though. and i'm sorry mister, but i have a relatively short attention span for cats. and i really wanted to write something.

mgg and i have known each other ten years now.

saturn returns, i hear.

time to swim

glutino makes good gluten-free things.

my niece is about to be seven. i am working a job that is interesting and challenging.

i live with two beautiful women that i love. it is way too snowy though.

well... i did get to make an awesome snow fort, and i've never done that before.

i'm trying harder to be a grownup, to just do things that need doing because they need doing, not through a complicated system of threats, lies, cajoling, promises, name-calling, abuse and rationalizations.

which is kinda odd, i'm used to motivating myself through such means, which is by no means healthy, if you know what i mean. mean mean mean. not a word anymore, right?

trash is out. recycling, cat box, i ate food in the evening, as well as during the day, and i have laundry in the dryer.

goodnight all. one of these day, i promise.


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