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um. life-size lego han solo frozen in carbonite. yeah. other cool stuff too, but liam needs to see this. oh, he also needs to know about from bricks to bothans.

that's about all for now.

it's like, 27 degrees outside.


Nov. 20th, 2003 09:56 pm
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This Year. since before Mabon, this year's cycle has been Heat wave, solar flares, fires, Ahnold. More importantly, sabbats. Mabon: bizarrely sparse. just, a feeling of lack, of famine, of disorientation. then fall would. not. come. it just refused, until after Samhain. and even then, it would not stay. Samhain was... empty. i felt nothing. even less than usual. Thanksgiving is next week. it does not feel like thanksgiving. at all. yule/christmas is coming, but i can't feel it coming.

my point is this: something is wrong. people on the bus feel this way too. (it's not eavesdropping unless there are eaves) Please, do me a big favor: write about your feelings about this, whether you have noticed it or not, in your lj. ask your people to comment. i want to know who feels this, and what exactly they feel. i want to know if anyone doesn't feel this, and if anyone has theories, or impressions about this. I've been very agitated about it for months now. ask around. see what people feel. [ profile] amber_fe, tell me about how it feels over there. same for you, [ profile] dreamingkat. [ profile] wesleymino, [ profile] grasueh, i'd really like to hear a non-pagan perspective, and you're my only people in your areas.

basically, everything feels disjointed to me.

So, uh, this is kinda something where i would really like people to help out.
once i get some info, i'll try to condense it. and um, maybe i'll draw a map. one of those where nj is the northeast, then it's some sort of blobby carolina thing, then florida under that. some sort of unnamed blob in the midwest, something kinda like colorado, then a thing like nevada, with a big pair of dice for las vegas, and a big X where the moonlight bunny ranch is, sorta, then california (which is the west coast). under the midwesty blob, i'll draw a big freaky texas. big. with a hat. then countless geography teachers will roll over in their graves, causing worldwide earthquakes, and causing the collapse of every building outside of california and japan. then, the japanese, assisted by scientologist shock-troops, will conquer the globe. and they'll make a BIIIIIG statue of me. in a fetal position. on my side, so it cannot fall down. yeeeah.

this started serious. really.


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