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working on a essay for U.S 1, about anne hutchinson, and really amazed by the synchronocity with the early christian persecutions(dev europe 1, last week) and A Man for All Seasons which is about Sir Thomas More, and we finished yesterday in anthro of religion. hurricane isobel should hit thursday. which is cool. been sleeping longer and getting tired earlier again. i don't want it to get bad again. basically, the problem is that she was a woman with a great deal of political and religious power, trying to bring a word of god to the puritans, and scaring the shit out of the ones in power, partly because they would lose power and partly because they thought that heresy in the colony would lead to punishment from god, a la Israel. so... they feared that those darn Babylonians would show up and enslave them. pesky assyrians. still need to buy many books. get paid friday. then books. and maybe a soda. ripping all my cd's to mp3s, so i can sell the originals. old imac should go up on ebay soon. loan will probably be a while though. i set up one end of my stick. it was saturday night, a bit after midnight. i went out onto the balcony, saw it was foggy, and realized i needed to go do things with the stick. grabbed a candle, lighter and my leather jacket. note that i did not take my hat. as i get outside, it just barely begins to drizzle. i go to the pondy thing, see a raccoon on the way there, and light the candle just after it starts dumping water. i hunch over the candle to protect the flame, set the end of the stick on fire, and put it out in the muddy end of the pondy thing. i think it went well.

today i ate tuna salad. i should go eat something else.

emmys happen soon apparently.

can't go to games night tomorrow because i have a shift from 9 till 1.

i have work at 8:30 tomorrow. (that's really just to remind me)

biting my cuticles again. i feel stressed. painted my nails the good blue that mgg likes. gonna suck when we run out. have no idea if the brand still exists, let alone the color. i like being able to hold conversations about eyeliner. thank you tessa!

food, i guess.
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found a stick today. it's a nice stick. i already smoothed it out with steel wool. next i plan to set an end, or both ends, on fire, extinguishing said fire by blowing out the flame and dipping the stick in water, either from the raritan, passion puddle or the ocean. then let stick dry, saturate with orange oil, or linseed oil, and rub with myrrh. please don't use the w-word for my stick. it is perfectly happy being a stick. i really wanna play magic. it's been a while. working on molly's room today. prolly gonna be late with term bill. which bites. yup. one of the strawberries turned into a straisin.


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