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woot! they finished working on the server. now i can remove the other extra entries. also, i found the best thing in the world: all recent photos from SOHO also, i found a shiny directory of daily mpegs from soho that dates back to jan 10, 1996. check out the mpegs from eit 195. it takes more pictures, and it seems to have the best resolution.

okay. most of the staic is gone on the new images. i am sad.

we were not all baked in our beds.
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The third largest solar flare ever recorded um, happened, on tuesday. and it is perfectly aimed for earth. It should hit "probably at or before 12 noon UTC". so 7am eastern standard. Nasa has more images including a very cool animation which i believe is in ultraviolet.

oh, and these are links from my sunspot post on... uh... friday?
4 hour ultraviolet sun
10 minute aurora
48 hour animation (magnetic activity in the corona)

i have one thing to say: sometimes static makes me laugh.
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okay, so we have two massive sunspots going on. the coronal ejaction from the first one hit about midday, but sunspot 486 will give some lucky people auroras tonight. I also found an ultraviolet image of the sun, updated every 4 hours, and satellite image of auroral activity updated every 10 minutes.

and this one is the last 48 hours of activity. it's animated.

ever since i found out the northern lights existed, i have desperately desired to gaze upon them. and if i could arrange a massive blackout of the east coast tonight, and i had a northern exposure off of my balcony, well, um, that'd rock.

okay. done for now.


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