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so. i recently read the seamus heaney translation of beowulf. and in the intro, he talks about his choice of so as the first word. and i liked it. so i've been starting things with so. um. stuff:

bluestar mabon
my mabon
d&d last night.

uh. let's write these in reverse order, because i like to fuck with you. maybe, when i'm done, i'll scramble all the words. or just rearrange all the sentences. then remove all punctuation and spacing. bwa ha ha.... ooh i'm tired.

so, yesterday, me and mgg go up to east hanover and madison to pick up my comic books. Hunter is increasingly disjointed. haven't read lucifer or SiP yet. on the way there, i call johnny, joey and scott, asking them to meet me at the café to hang out for a bit. astonishingly, they are all availiable. really. which is truly astonishing. astonishing. sorry, running on 3 hours of sleep here. maybe 3 and a half. right. so we buy my comic books, about 5 months of them, and we talk to the guy who works there about Chris Ware and his new book, Quimby the Mouse, and how the guy is a genius. just, really incredible stuff, guys. click on the link. it's amazing work. okay, so then to the café, which is closed. and scott is standing in front of. so we make some calls and reconvene at brookside. there, johnny gets the idea of gaming tonight. after some persuasion, we decide to do so. it's about 4, and mgg needed to leave by 5:30, so she heads home. we were originally just gonna do some lighthearted hack&slash, but scott just can't run those. which is good, but we are all morons. we make some characters, 1st level, 3rd ed., and spend easily an hour trying to find a healer who could join us adventuring. yeeeeah. but later, it got interesting. it was really all our fault, not scott's, but i should have just played a fucking healer. so we play til 2, i get home at 3, i fall asleep about 3:30 and i wake up at 7. not 7:30, when the alarm is set for, but 7. i came into work at 8:30, already had one of today's 2 classes, and will not get to eat breakfast until about 3. uh. next topic.

my mabon. or "Spinning Cheese Mystic Weasel" and mgg's mabon. i baked two pumpkin pies, we had some people over, we ate stuff, and we need to make next Mabon more pagan. yeah. and we need main dishes. when i go home, i'm going to eat way too many brownies.

balefire's mabon was good, but i was at the kid's table... which is where the two very young girls with crushes on me and liam sat. they were across the table, and i try not to be mean, but sometimes it's irritating to be the object of a preteen's adoration. y'know, they might be 13. and they would probably flip out over being called preteen.

time for stats! of the 9 macs, 3 are being used. of the 17 dells, 9. one mac and one dell are down.

balefire: used 3 round tables, so we made 3 small circles. don't think it worked very well. but that's okay. also feels like a slim year ahead.

my sundew is flowering. and we need to bring plants inside.

we are getting a new cat from my sister. it will be a good kitty.
because i say so.

okay, gonna read comics now.


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