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so. it snowed today. and i fell asleep in class.

actually, let's start at the beginning. woke up, exhausted and congested. think i had a nosebleed at some point last night. took tylenol allergy and sinus. blew my nose a lot. coughed stuff up. felt like shit. walked to new testament with mgg, and cotinued to feel like shit. blew my nose a lot. i only have 5 vicodin left. i need to save them for bedtimes. got out of class, visited mgg, got a special permission number for death and the afterlife. added death and the afterlife... now i actually have 12 credits for next semester. need to get more special permission numbers later. okay. at this point, it was snowing. i got on a bus for college ave, went to college ave, was about an hour early for class. so i went to the student center to get chapstick and hot chocolate. (because i was cold and tired, i didn't want to be kept up all night, and coffee gives me cold sores.) (and my lips are chapped) (and i figured the freezing wind would chap them further) oh, and adam and amy were at the student center. i said hi. okay, then i got on a bus to ride from the student center to scott hall, because i didn't want to walk in the snow. so. still 45 minutes 'til class. go into the building, sit on the steps, chug the hot chocolate, nap sitting. my TA from my other history class comes by, we chat for a few minutes, and then i go back to sleeping. then i walk into the class, where i sleep some more. fill out evaluation, sleep. then i listen to a lecture, occasionally dozing off. yay. i get on a bus, i come home, i set alarm clock for 5:30, take off my shoes and jacket, and go to sleep. i wake up at 6:03. i have a shift at 6:00. so i call loree, ask them to call C4, throw on my shoes and jacket, and walk, in the freeeeeezing cold, to C4. i get to C4. i'm supposed to be at Dcent. (which is a. in the opposite direction, and b. much closer to my house than C4.) i ask the consultant at C4 to call loree to call dcent to tell the person i am relieving that i am, in fact, on my way. so then i walk to Dcent. nearly slip on some ice. arrive at 6:30. a full half-hour late for my shift. so i will be getting demerits for this. which bites, but i have lots of merits, so it's not that big of a deal. oh, and can you just retroactively imagine that every.... third line throughout that was "and then i felt like shit" or "I still felt like shit" or "state of being? shitty." while you're at it, project lines like those through the rest of this. okay. so i get here at 6:30, have 2 people put away their powerades, and have one woman put her coffee outside. (which she is disgruntled about. like every person i have ever told. i hate users.) then i do my cleaning. then i read my work email, and regretted not being able to take the open overnight. it's from 1 am to 8:15 am on monday. i then would have to work a shift from 8:30 'til 9:50, when i have a class, then back to work at 11:10, then another shift from 11:45-2:45, then i could run home and sleep until class at 4:30, but i don't think that would work. maybe if i slept all day sunday. where was i? right. then i did my cleaning, then i read livejournal, realizing that i am in no mood to do any little surveys, although i promise i will soon, it's just that i have no energy to be insightful or funny, and you probably don't want the results of my angry, tired surveys. uh. yeah. then i commented on this thread in [ profile] sidhe79's journal. and i thought i'd reprint it here. because i'm an ass. )

oh, and a little while ago, adam came in, looking for amy. and i feel like shit.

right. gonna go rant in private for a bit.
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so. surveys and etc.

Check out my Morality! 71% liberal, 29% conservative
take the test here

behind the cut is a lil' survey i snagged from my brother )

my lungs hurt. and have little spasms. it sucks, and i want painkillers. and i want to eat. food would be good now. my pinky is doing that thing wher it stops being a productive member of my body. stop it. la la la la la. [ profile] huzzahuzzah is late to her shift. 13 minutes now. 14 minutes. i'm hungry. and in pain. and grouchy.

last night, a user went insane. it was very upsetting. reallllllly crazy. flipped out on me. and all of the other consultants. and several supervisors. and the assistant lab manager. CRRRAAAZZZY. okay, 19 minutes. 21. i have a hat in my pocket. and i should look for coverage to do, eh?
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so. working at dcent. dcent is the douglass student center. we have 18 (19?) macs and 16 dells. most students have no fucking clue how to operate a mac. so working dcent means juggling users. making sure that every computer is being used at all times. there is a print pc, which is supposed to be used only to print, and with a 10 minute time limit. it has no chair. usually, a user steals a chair from a mac, and later, i have to take away their chair. it amazes me how long someone will wait in the hopes that a user will finish using a pc, when there are macs availiable. i use both OSes. practically every day. at home, i have a mac, because that is what i grew up using, and because i can get my brother to fix it when something goes horribly wrong. i'm typing this on a pc, because that way i can watch the print queue. timesheets, cleaning schedules, etc are all on the mac. i use the mac for music, because i prefer itunes. (it recognizes mp3's that don't have the suffix .mp3) and there are currently 23 jobs in the queue. so there are a large number of disgruntled users. and that was a paper jam. yay. okay. posting now.
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grum: a state of discontent. as in "he looked rather grum" "they were grum"

think of it as grumpy, but 33% shorter and 1746% cooler.

sometimes i just love words. oh, and risibility and maugre are fun too.

i'm working on an irritating essay for about 1 tomorrow.

so, that's work here til 11, go home, see if i am coherent still, if so write much more, otherwise just a bit more. wake up at 7, write until mgg comes home at 9:40, walk to class, learn about jesus, go to loree, finish paper, print paper, get on a bus by 12:30, go to class, turn in paper, stop fucking misspelling paper "papaer" goddamnit! learn, you useless digits!

uh. right. then home again jiggity-jig, then work at c4 6-9, then come home to empty bed.

sometimes i hate my schedule. so now i need to schedule next semester with mgg. and i need to request winter hours at work, if any will be availiable. shit. and talk to a dean, about schedules, and transferring. shit shit shit shit shit. fuck.

¬°¬°Time for stats!!

where was i?

oh yeah, shit shit fuck. right.
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so, this is the last post that will be part of the journal assignment for dev us 1. now what i must do is make a text file that puts these posts in chronological order, because otherwise they don't make sense. yeah. then i need to put that file on my eden account, then go to a computer that can print, and print it. yay.

see, many of the macs in c4, including the consultant mac i am currently using, have the wrong printers on them, and whereas before i could just open up print center and fix that, now i need system access to do that. which is incredibly irritating. if you are going to put entirely useless queues on the macs, at least leave me a way to fix your fuck-up. grr.

also, the horrible cough is still horrible. i'm overlapping doses of sudafed, so i'm all twitchy and bird-like. however, at 6, people are coming over, and i am getting drunk. whee!

uh. that's about it.
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two things:

the actor playing jesus in mel gibson's passion of christ movie got hit by lightning. again.

y'know, i would have quit after the first lightning bolt.

also, an icelandic fishing captain saved his men from a 660-lb shark bare handed. well, okay, he had a knife.

both stories referred by [ profile] flemco

i'm at work. doing worky things. need to report a zip drive down. and need to poke at my website. add some comics, rearrange others. oh.

if life gives you lemons, build a throne of human skulls.
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okay, so i step into the soup office to eat breakfast, and when i come out, there is a girl sitting at one of the consultant stations. i sit back down, poke at stuff, and then do stats. i come back. i put in stats. mgg come out of the office and asks the girl who she is. she is a user. behind the consultant desk. signed in. doing something. in the consultant area. where she did not belong.

i feel dirty.

from now on, i ask people "hey, are you a consultant?"

also, yesterday at dcent, someone moved paper around in the printer. took some out of tray 2, put it in tray 3.

do we need to put up a fucking sign that says
"Hey you! Yeah, you! Don't Fucking Open Up The Printers! Ever! If it says something, get a fucking consultant! And leave your fucking coffee outside!" in 24pt type.

tattooed on the users' stomachs.

oh, and the main printers at loree have lost power twice now.


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