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so i thought i'd think out my freespirit packing list here, so people might point out things i have completely forgotten:

small things that come to mind first:

my pocketknife
magic balm for cuts and bites and stings
lighter (need two backups)(won't actually have them)
a travel mug for coffee. coffee is important and good.

jeans i will wear for the drive down and tuesday while i am sheriffing, because it's important to have pockets. also sunday on drive up.

a pen. maybe a pencil too.

wow, this might work better if i had some kind of system:

stuff to make chili
hummus and pita and baba ganoush and etc for tuesday lunch
burrito bar -- beans and cheese and rice and etc for the other lunch we are doing

ramen. i have a pile of clif/luna bars. i'd like to have lara bars, but they are expensive. i should just grind up dates and nuts myself.

two flats of 24 half-liter bottles of water -- probably need more.

powdered gatorade.

need at least 4 amps and 4 monsters and however much caffeine amy needs.

my trash-bag poncho, because it's in good shape and i shouldn't waste a perfectly good trash-bag poncho.

all of my sarongs.

the tent, the sleeping bag, need another sleeping bag. and we should get some sort of foam pad because air mattresses always deflate during the night, at least enough to make sitting up unpleasant.

sheets, blankets, pillows.

cooler, big green tub.

shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, contact stuff, glasses, painkillers, sunscreen, emergen-c? brush.

sweater. long sleeved shirt. tank top. some socks. meds. at least 4 towels. plus maybe a disposable one.

ganesh? some kumkum, some abil? some sandalwood? sun mask? not for wearing, i don't have contacts, but to know is there? tlaloc.

there is a good chance i am about to spend a week in the rain, naked except for a black plastic bag, a sarong and a radio.

i'm looking forward to it, despite anything else.

dishes. forks and knives. crockpot. two pots? knife, spoons, can opener,

journal? i need to be able to write stuff down.

need to talk to cat about cauldron. need to pick ritual gear.

i should bring illuminatus! and read a page a day.

i know i am forgetting things. that is the point of this little exercise.


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