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so. i think i may have a whooping cough. more accurately, i have every symptom of adult whooping cough precisely, except for a pronounced "whoop", except for the three or four times that happened. And that only occurs in about 50% of cases. In addition, there is a outbreak in the area mom lives in.

here's where it gets fun: like most diseases, disorders or maladies i acquire, it is almost impossible to actually diagnose, especially at this late stage. Basically, a blood test that often shows negative when the bacteria is present, or that shows false positives, which is very expensive, and not performed by many labs in the US, could, possibly, tell me i have a whooping cough. If i do, there is no treatment. you just wait. it goes away. the bacteria are gone around the third week, so antibiotics don't help. actually, heck, here's a happy little quote: "For the average case of whooping cough there is no treatment likely to make a difference to the course of the illness or materially reduce the symptoms. It will generally take its course no matter what. Attempts to get benefit from bronchodilators, cough suppressants or antibiotics are generally futile."

so. all i can do is wait. luckily, it's been... uh, almost 3 months, so it should be over soon.

and i'm not contagious. and i'm not dying. assuming i can convince the doctor that this is it.

who the fuck gets whooping cough?

i can never go back to the grand canyon, because i will catch the fucking bubonic plague from one of those ground squirrels.

oh, and aren't you proud of my my pun? i made it myself. from photons.
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so. it snowed today. and i fell asleep in class.

actually, let's start at the beginning. woke up, exhausted and congested. think i had a nosebleed at some point last night. took tylenol allergy and sinus. blew my nose a lot. coughed stuff up. felt like shit. walked to new testament with mgg, and cotinued to feel like shit. blew my nose a lot. i only have 5 vicodin left. i need to save them for bedtimes. got out of class, visited mgg, got a special permission number for death and the afterlife. added death and the afterlife... now i actually have 12 credits for next semester. need to get more special permission numbers later. okay. at this point, it was snowing. i got on a bus for college ave, went to college ave, was about an hour early for class. so i went to the student center to get chapstick and hot chocolate. (because i was cold and tired, i didn't want to be kept up all night, and coffee gives me cold sores.) (and my lips are chapped) (and i figured the freezing wind would chap them further) oh, and adam and amy were at the student center. i said hi. okay, then i got on a bus to ride from the student center to scott hall, because i didn't want to walk in the snow. so. still 45 minutes 'til class. go into the building, sit on the steps, chug the hot chocolate, nap sitting. my TA from my other history class comes by, we chat for a few minutes, and then i go back to sleeping. then i walk into the class, where i sleep some more. fill out evaluation, sleep. then i listen to a lecture, occasionally dozing off. yay. i get on a bus, i come home, i set alarm clock for 5:30, take off my shoes and jacket, and go to sleep. i wake up at 6:03. i have a shift at 6:00. so i call loree, ask them to call C4, throw on my shoes and jacket, and walk, in the freeeeeezing cold, to C4. i get to C4. i'm supposed to be at Dcent. (which is a. in the opposite direction, and b. much closer to my house than C4.) i ask the consultant at C4 to call loree to call dcent to tell the person i am relieving that i am, in fact, on my way. so then i walk to Dcent. nearly slip on some ice. arrive at 6:30. a full half-hour late for my shift. so i will be getting demerits for this. which bites, but i have lots of merits, so it's not that big of a deal. oh, and can you just retroactively imagine that every.... third line throughout that was "and then i felt like shit" or "I still felt like shit" or "state of being? shitty." while you're at it, project lines like those through the rest of this. okay. so i get here at 6:30, have 2 people put away their powerades, and have one woman put her coffee outside. (which she is disgruntled about. like every person i have ever told. i hate users.) then i do my cleaning. then i read my work email, and regretted not being able to take the open overnight. it's from 1 am to 8:15 am on monday. i then would have to work a shift from 8:30 'til 9:50, when i have a class, then back to work at 11:10, then another shift from 11:45-2:45, then i could run home and sleep until class at 4:30, but i don't think that would work. maybe if i slept all day sunday. where was i? right. then i did my cleaning, then i read livejournal, realizing that i am in no mood to do any little surveys, although i promise i will soon, it's just that i have no energy to be insightful or funny, and you probably don't want the results of my angry, tired surveys. uh. yeah. then i commented on this thread in [ profile] sidhe79's journal. and i thought i'd reprint it here. because i'm an ass. )

oh, and a little while ago, adam came in, looking for amy. and i feel like shit.

right. gonna go rant in private for a bit.
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so. surveys and etc.

Check out my Morality! 71% liberal, 29% conservative
take the test here

behind the cut is a lil' survey i snagged from my brother )

my lungs hurt. and have little spasms. it sucks, and i want painkillers. and i want to eat. food would be good now. my pinky is doing that thing wher it stops being a productive member of my body. stop it. la la la la la. [ profile] huzzahuzzah is late to her shift. 13 minutes now. 14 minutes. i'm hungry. and in pain. and grouchy.

last night, a user went insane. it was very upsetting. reallllllly crazy. flipped out on me. and all of the other consultants. and several supervisors. and the assistant lab manager. CRRRAAAZZZY. okay, 19 minutes. 21. i have a hat in my pocket. and i should look for coverage to do, eh?
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wow. okay, so i stopped taking the guaifenesin on ummm sunday night, when i ran out of it. guaifenesin is an expectorant, which means it makes you cough up horrible things. today, i am coughing up horrible things. so, wednesday, when i see my doctor, i will beg for antibiotics. strong ones. that will kill my horrible things.
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at work. coming down with something new on top of cough. now i have a fever, headache, sore throat and swollen tonsils. i should go to a competent doctor. that would probably help slow the dying process. almost out of codeine cough syrup, need to buy robotussin. and the codeine isn't working very well today. and yeah.

in other news, um, i caught up on 8-bit theater and bobbin.
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okay, some things. pat, remember to click this when you get home.

i am relatively certain that i have a cracked rib.

from coughing.

this is my first broken bone. most people's first broken bone stories involve the phrase "and that's when the detonator triggered." at least, i think they do. and i've been suffering some mild tintinnabulitis the past day or so.

i'm dressed as the cardboard tube barbarian. see, when he got old, the CTS went on a long journey, through Cathay, into some part of europe. um. over there, kinda... and there he found me, when i was like, 10. maybe i tried to steal his dinner. usual "goodhearted but starving urchin" sort of a deal. and then he decided to spend the next ten years training me, ::insert training montage:: ::put like, a waterfall or something in there:: ::and maybe some skirmishes with, uhhh, angry nondescript europeans:: ::yeah, that's good:: right. um. oh! see, the whole reason he left japan was to find someone worhty of the tube. which is me. which is why i have the tube. oh, and the same guy who (personally, when he was young) killed my parents will probably (through a horde of faceless minions) kill my master, the CTS. and so i will take my vengeance, at the same time saving some improbably hot chick. on account of how implants were not yet availiable. oh, but all of this is backstory. now we are in the time where i wander, with the tube, righting wrongs, flipping turtles, and. i need a sidekick, don't i. or a small group. a kid (or a monkey), a tomboyish girl who is in love with me, (and i would kill for but never tell her that because tension is more fun than sex scenes, apparently) a big, kinda dumb guy (i think he should be scottish), and, uh, a dirty old man who runs the inn. and later on, we can introduce a tiny shriveled old woman, who we all call grandmother, and who uses not-particularly-white magic to assist us on occasion. and she is trying to get together with the dirty old guy who runs the inn. and maybe she is also trying to get me and tomboyish girl together. no, wait, she's trying to get me to marry her (real) granddaughter, who herds goats. at the same time, the old dirty man who runs the inn is the father... no, much older uncle, of the tomboy-girl, and he is trying to (very gently and wisely) get me and the tomboy-girl together. actually, we'll split ownership of the inn. the dirty old man is the barkeep, who is the tomboy's uncle's partner, and an old friend of the tomboy's deceased (maybe!) father. and the tomboy's uncle actually owns the place. maybe he's not the barkeep, but the cook. not sure.

oh, and at some point there will be a cat.

on a side note, the codeine in my cough syru doesn't make me sleepy, it just makes everything, um, creamy. i guess. yeah. creamy is a vaguely accurate word. 3 more hours of work to go.
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so, this is the last post that will be part of the journal assignment for dev us 1. now what i must do is make a text file that puts these posts in chronological order, because otherwise they don't make sense. yeah. then i need to put that file on my eden account, then go to a computer that can print, and print it. yay.

see, many of the macs in c4, including the consultant mac i am currently using, have the wrong printers on them, and whereas before i could just open up print center and fix that, now i need system access to do that. which is incredibly irritating. if you are going to put entirely useless queues on the macs, at least leave me a way to fix your fuck-up. grr.

also, the horrible cough is still horrible. i'm overlapping doses of sudafed, so i'm all twitchy and bird-like. however, at 6, people are coming over, and i am getting drunk. whee!

uh. that's about it.
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also, this is an entertainingish fwd about star trek and pagans.

i am hungry. it is 1:42. i will not get to eat until 6ish.

maybe i should kill and eat a user.

oh, and i have a horrible cough which has been around for about 3 weeks, for which i am taking amoxicillin. because both ears and my sinuses are also infected. and i forgot to go to my followup appt on thursday. i should call willets later. except for the fact that they will all be gone before i leave work. maybe i should make a 2 minute call. it is oncampus. yeah.
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i was thinking about doing a big irritating quiz thing, like kt did recently, but i can't focus. at all. i'm sick. i have an appointment monday at willets to get antibiotics. right now, i am dizzy. my head is wobbling.. um, it moves, slowly, waving. i feel like seaweed. gentle. i don't think i have a fever. and i know i don't have chills. i have 4 and a half hours of work left today. and at 4 i need to take more dayquil. i'm almost done with the box. i'm making so many typos. warren ellis did a spider jerusalem thing today. it made me happy. my right pinky isn't working right. it's just twitching when i try to use it. not that it's normally a really dextrous digit, but still. i'm coherent, right? i think i'm being coherent, but i'm not sure. i need to read for anthropology, which has a midterm on monday, and i really need to study for development of the us, which is tuesday. the midterm scares me. it's two essay questions, from a set of 9 that they gave us. so these need to be phenomenal. basically, i need to prepare, well, at least 6 essays . technically i could prepare 5. i should have at least 5 good ones. and another 1 or 2. maybe it's the dayquil. i just don't feel very good. and i think i'm hallucinating mildly, because things keep on looking a bit too vivid in color. um. at least i haven't coughed spoke too soon. really hurts to cough. i think i hadn't coughed because i hadn't said anything in over an hour. because as soon as i started talking, i could feel the cough coming. i got one of the new 20s. it's neat. jackson's shoulders are actually embossed. and. yeah. i think i'm done for a bit.
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oh, and today i had a midterm in new testament that i'm worried about, i upgraded some software, took an id quiz in dev us 1, and i am all hopped up on dayquil. my mouth is dry, and i can't concentrate. which is part of why i'm worried about the midterm and id quiz. i should go eat something. i have work in 2 hours (so i'll probably post again then.)

oh, and go see Kill Bill.
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i don't like working when i am sick.

i can feel the waves of heat, moving like flocks of tiny fiery sheep across my skin.

and the headache sucks ass.

i'm hungry too.

and whiny.

make me stop being whiiiiinnnnyyy!

3 minutes til stats... then an additional 45 minutes til i leave work. in theory.

23 now.

i forgot to remove the seal on the toner.

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last night on the way home from work, i caught a salamander. not sure what kind, because it was dark. looked kinda like this, but don't really think that it is. it was slimy, but apparently not slimy enough to be a Slimy Salamander. it was basically an even olive drab with flecks of olive, brass and brown. maybe 4.5" long. cutest little toes. sooooo tiny.

so i have a cough now.

it sounds hideous.

okay, it's just bad.

but when i go home i will have tea. and dayquil.

then the orange fairy will file my teeth to points and carve symbols into my flesh.


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