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feeling depressed and stressed.

not that bad though. i'll deal with it. it just makes it hard to focus, and i need to study.


the new windows are nice, and i expect the house will be much warmer now.

i wish the educational year was shifted... maybe 2-3 months forward? my head obviously follows a rhythm, and it's one that doesn't really mesh well with winter and spring finals. winter i'm too depressed, and spring i'm too manic, with bouts of intense depression. i get way to irrational, too erratic, in spring.

i need to do laundry. but i don't. this winter break, i am cleaning and organizing and packing. with vim, and/or vigor. i should really take care of my shopping.


okay, this is a pointless entry, and i should be doing other things.
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grum: a state of discontent. as in "he looked rather grum" "they were grum"

think of it as grumpy, but 33% shorter and 1746% cooler.

sometimes i just love words. oh, and risibility and maugre are fun too.

i'm working on an irritating essay for about 1 tomorrow.

so, that's work here til 11, go home, see if i am coherent still, if so write much more, otherwise just a bit more. wake up at 7, write until mgg comes home at 9:40, walk to class, learn about jesus, go to loree, finish paper, print paper, get on a bus by 12:30, go to class, turn in paper, stop fucking misspelling paper "papaer" goddamnit! learn, you useless digits!

uh. right. then home again jiggity-jig, then work at c4 6-9, then come home to empty bed.

sometimes i hate my schedule. so now i need to schedule next semester with mgg. and i need to request winter hours at work, if any will be availiable. shit. and talk to a dean, about schedules, and transferring. shit shit shit shit shit. fuck.

¬°¬°Time for stats!!

where was i?

oh yeah, shit shit fuck. right.


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