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further down:

PadmacLynne: i love you liike death.
Tessa: that's hot
Tessa: oh don't you be a passerby
PadmacLynne: i will not pass by. i will stop and point.
PadmacLynne: maybe i'll snicker.
Tessa: oh my
PadmacLynne: this will be my birthday present.
PadmacLynne: i DEMAND IT!!!
PadmacLynne: the boxed set.
PadmacLynne: it will be availiable spring 2004.
Tessa: supreme headache
PadmacLynne: you have one?
Tessa: yah
PadmacLynne: eat a taaaaco.
Tessa: i have to scatter
Tessa: oh my i want a taco
PadmacLynne: taaaco will heal you.
PadmacLynne: wow.
PadmacLynne: i want a taco.
PadmacLynne: wow.
Tessa: that's bad right?
PadmacLynne: yeah.
Tessa: i could make you some when you come over
Tessa: it's bad when i watch the food chnnel
PadmacLynne: it means you are getting too much vitamin c.
Tessa: cause i'm like i want pickles
PadmacLynne: you need some scurvy.
Tessa: i want candy
Tessa: i want glaed ham
Tessa: wait.... i have an idea
PadmacLynne: i want chicken?
PadmacLynne: i want liver?
PadmacLynne: meow mix, meow mix, please deliver?
Tessa: i'm going now trucker
PadmacLynne: what is your idea, miss satan cheese?
Tessa: oh you were supposed to conclude that i wanted to combine pickles, candy and glazed ham together
Tessa: filthy style
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at work. 3 finals down, one to go. gonna work a really late shift, 8:30-1 am, after i finish this 11:45-6pm.

did fine on anthro yesterday, did fine today on european history, even though i froze on "erasmus" for like 5 minutes.

and now, selections from my family's descent into madness:

Tessa: the kittens look like bats
Tessa: uno m
PadmacLynne: in what way?
Tessa: they look like bats when they crawl up your leg
Tessa: in the way that bats look like bear cubs
PadmacLynne: i am terrified.
PadmacLynne: take pictures.
Tessa: you look someday, i kid you? no.
PadmacLynne: when did you become a russian man, trying to sell me watches out of the trunk of his car?
Tessa: teehee
Tessa: this i won't tell you
PadmacLynne: you are precious, like expensive cheese.
Tessa: what is wrong with you
PadmacLynne: i comprehend little, and i have many more hours of work to do.
PadmacLynne: spin!
Tessa: maybe that's why you comprehend little
Tessa: loser
PadmacLynne: i got you good present. it eats flesh.
Tessa: oh jesus shit
Tessa: other peoples?
PadmacLynne: mayyyyybe.
Tessa: you wonder why i don't like christmas
PadmacLynne: no, i hate christmas.
PadmacLynne: all federally mandated gift-dispersal holidays upset me.
Tessa: dreamcatcher ends differently in the book
PadmacLynne: i would rather just buy people things all the time.
PadmacLynne: i've heard that.
PadmacLynne: from a squirrel.
PadmacLynne: (but he lies)
PadmacLynne: fiiiilllllllthhhyyy squirrel.
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so. my family seems to know when it's gonna die, and tidies. calls relatives, does some paperwork. tidies. my cousin's grandmother just died, but first she had family visit, called a bunch of relatives, and then she just laid down for a nap, and didn't wake up.

this is either really cool, or really creepy.


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