Sep. 24th, 2002 09:42 pm
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so. i'm tossing out a theory:

things... um, spirits, deities, ghosts, etc. are capable of poking around with energy.

making people feel... wiggly... is easy. you just need a smidge of electricity in the headmeats.

making one person see something is easy too. more electricity, different part of the head. hearing too.

making a machine see them, like a camera, means making light. much harder. unless it's a videocamera, and they really know what they are doing, in which case they just play with electricity. i have misspelled, in some way, the word electricity the first 3 times i wrote it. grr.

point is, matter is lots of energy. very, very hard.

i keep wanting the supernatural to just wander up and smack me. say "Hey! Pat! Look at Me!"

i am relatively certain that i just autohypnotize myself when i want to feel or see things. i doubt as to whether or not i ever saw auras, in the sense of colored EM fields surrounding people. because everything glows nowadays. and the glow doesn't change, it doesn't have colors.

i was working on a year wheel yesterday. it makes some sense. i think i'm gonna post this as a lj entry too. i was kinda concerned about weirding people out, but i don't really enjoy self-censorship. and i was worried that someone would just attack these ideas. fuck that. i'm gonna say things. i will not talk about othe people by name in lj, but i can throw thaese ideas out.

i get depressed sometimes. mostly when i'm alone. and i don't want faith, i want magic. i want to see things, and feel them. not just when i am in deep trance-states. most of the time. i want to feel it in my bones when all of the rest of you do.

as long as it's not all dead mirror clowns.


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