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okay, some things. pat, remember to click this when you get home.

i am relatively certain that i have a cracked rib.

from coughing.

this is my first broken bone. most people's first broken bone stories involve the phrase "and that's when the detonator triggered." at least, i think they do. and i've been suffering some mild tintinnabulitis the past day or so.

i'm dressed as the cardboard tube barbarian. see, when he got old, the CTS went on a long journey, through Cathay, into some part of europe. um. over there, kinda... and there he found me, when i was like, 10. maybe i tried to steal his dinner. usual "goodhearted but starving urchin" sort of a deal. and then he decided to spend the next ten years training me, ::insert training montage:: ::put like, a waterfall or something in there:: ::and maybe some skirmishes with, uhhh, angry nondescript europeans:: ::yeah, that's good:: right. um. oh! see, the whole reason he left japan was to find someone worhty of the tube. which is me. which is why i have the tube. oh, and the same guy who (personally, when he was young) killed my parents will probably (through a horde of faceless minions) kill my master, the CTS. and so i will take my vengeance, at the same time saving some improbably hot chick. on account of how implants were not yet availiable. oh, but all of this is backstory. now we are in the time where i wander, with the tube, righting wrongs, flipping turtles, and. i need a sidekick, don't i. or a small group. a kid (or a monkey), a tomboyish girl who is in love with me, (and i would kill for but never tell her that because tension is more fun than sex scenes, apparently) a big, kinda dumb guy (i think he should be scottish), and, uh, a dirty old man who runs the inn. and later on, we can introduce a tiny shriveled old woman, who we all call grandmother, and who uses not-particularly-white magic to assist us on occasion. and she is trying to get together with the dirty old guy who runs the inn. and maybe she is also trying to get me and tomboyish girl together. no, wait, she's trying to get me to marry her (real) granddaughter, who herds goats. at the same time, the old dirty man who runs the inn is the father... no, much older uncle, of the tomboy-girl, and he is trying to (very gently and wisely) get me and the tomboy-girl together. actually, we'll split ownership of the inn. the dirty old man is the barkeep, who is the tomboy's uncle's partner, and an old friend of the tomboy's deceased (maybe!) father. and the tomboy's uncle actually owns the place. maybe he's not the barkeep, but the cook. not sure.

oh, and at some point there will be a cat.

on a side note, the codeine in my cough syru doesn't make me sleepy, it just makes everything, um, creamy. i guess. yeah. creamy is a vaguely accurate word. 3 more hours of work to go.


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