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You represent... desire.
You represent... desire.
You sure are motivated. You have a definite knack
for getting what you want. You always put your
own interests before those of others, and you
almost always find youself being satisfied.
Though you have determination, try some
compassion. Putting others first occassionally
can get you even more satisfying relationships.

What feeling do you represent?
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yeah, that's not a great quiz.

You take your car to work.
I'll take my board.
And when you're out of fuel.
I'm still afloat.

All along the undertow is strengthening its hold.
I never thought it'd come to this, now I can never go home.

but that is a fantastic song. i need a massive external hard drive, like liam's

"don't... don't... the more she'll count." hey. synchronocity. i think i may be discordian. not a cabbage, though.

okay, a couple of points:

amber_fe 106%
sidhe79 106%
solvent23 106%
pzoet 102%
doubleyou 102%
kobold 102%
promethius 99%
sleepymaggie 98%
huzzahuzzah 97%
flemco 85%
grasueh 80%
jr0124 80%
titania_iii 69%
dreamingkat 58%
How compatible with me are YOU?

dreamingkat 58%
grasueh 49%
huzzahuzzah 31%
promethius 23%
jr0124 13%
doubleyou 12%
kobold 10%
How sexually compatible with me are you?
Take the NEW sexual compatibility quiz at LJMatch!

okay. first, i am very compatable with randy from something positive ([ profile] kobold). which is okay. but we could never really satisfy each other sexually with that 10%. that's like a mark of doom.

also, [ profile] dreamingkat we are miraculously connected by the #58. you and i are least compatable, but most sexually compatable, both at 58%.


i know, this is long and stupid. i don't really care right now, though.
My journal says I'm 59% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by [ profile] hutta

Congratulations! You're Sam!

alright, time to sleep.


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