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Birthdate:Apr 12
Location:Highland Park, New Jersey, United States of America
it's ten pm. my wife is shooting midgets and skags, and often they dissolve. my girlfriend is preparing for a job fair tomorrow. i will be 28 in about six weeks. i am making veggie chili, although i wish i had started earlier. a raw milk co-op delivered a half-gallon today. i love venus, and she loves me. i do my best by ganesa, and he takes care of me. eris is beautiful and treats me right. today i scanned tax documents for a cpa in warren, and finally set up a profile on the fires of venus ning. i'm the keeper of the flame. i lent my copy of the principia out today. i am involved in wicked events again. i avoid gluten. i am a damn fine lay. i have three cats. i like it in highland park. i am generally happy.

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