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Hey everyone.

Tiff is moving downstairs, and she needs a roommate. This is her craigslist ad:


Looking for an open-minded roommate to share a roomy apt. House has one cat plus a temporary visiting cat already. Roomy closet space (walk-in in bedroom) and storage space in the house. I would like to meet with anyone interested before a decision is made. Time for lease will start December 1st.

No indoor smoking.
Washer and Dryer in house access.
Couples are welcome to apply, but I will ask for a three way split of all utilities and rent.
Utilities are not included.

Not far from Rutgers' college ave and busch campus.

New Brunswick train station about 1.4 miles away.

Park and downtown Highland Park within walking distance.

Cat friendly.


so yeah. also: me and mgg live upstairs. tiff will be there downstairs. we are all really awesome. 

we are walking distance to a riverfront park with a boat launch, walking distance to NB train station, so effectively walking distance to NYC and Philadelphia. there are a lot of good vibes in this house. we have one of the very few rite-aids with a liquor store in it in town. the stop and shop is next to the rite-aid, which is what, like six blocks away? tasty thai, japanese, on the main street. a pretty cool used book store that is open noon to midnight at the end of the street. 

also there are some black squirrels in town, so, y'know, there's that. 

contact information:

please email tiff: lunar.sprite at gmail dot com

feel free to pass this on to your like-minded friends.


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