Jul. 4th, 2011

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so it's ten, and i'm a little drunk.

two martinis, although the measurement there may be liberal.

okay, probably very liberal.

and i don't know what to talk about, and i don't know what to say, and i don't know how to filter it.

fsg, and not working? okay, i think there are things to say, and that's a not the sisters filter.

pittsburgh? i got back earlier today, the city is really awesome, and that's probably public

stuff about sarah? well, that would require a new filter that is just sarah, and mostly would be wallowing, so no.

listening to fireworks without seeing them? depends on the text, but might end up readmaclynne or nobody, i'd have to check the lists for both of those.

i miss writing often. i know i have things to say, but, no offense internets, i tend to be more interested in my wives. or i feel guilty that i am not cleaning, not throwing things away, not making the house better. yeah, it's either wives or guilt.

mgg is in bed already, but she's still awakeish. i dunno. maybe i should try to interact. i feel like everything i've said since i got home has been wrong.

i feel that way a lot.

hmm. more gin, a tighter filter, juniper tears?


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